If you are hoping to enterain your guests, to make yours a wedding with a difference, and would like start your speech by amazing your guests...

...imagine standing up to start your speech and thanking everyone for coming, and for their generous gifts - you then hold up various items including many of their watches, phones etc that Matt has lifted whilst entertaining your guests. Matt can do this whilst entertaining from table to table, or Undercover, disguised as a waiter. It's a funny start to a speech, and very memorable.

“Hello Matt - brilliant. You certainly entertained our guests, they LOVED it! Many, many thanks for making Kathryn and Adam's day so very special, I think we were very lucky to have found you.”
Margaret Thompson

Matt’s table-entertainment can be an ideal element for any wedding, his 1st class sleight of hand providing a truly magical part of the day, setting guests at ease, whilst helping to create a fun atmosphere, and bringing something a little unusual and very memorable to the occasion. Matt helps to fill any gaps in the day (planned or unplanned!), and is the perfect ice-breaker, bringing laughter and amazement to guests of all ages.

“You kidding??? You were the highlight without a shadow of a doubt. The feedback we have had has been fantastic and we passed your card and number onto a number of people for corporate events. The card thing in particular was probably one of the funniest I have ever seen!! Very funny!! Finally - a big thank you from myself and John you were amazing and helped to make our day very special.”
Ruth Pamplin-Dent

“Hi Matt, I just wanted to offer my thanks and appreciation for your “magical” services. Our guests have told us how much they enjoyed the humour and skill – “he’s amazing” was a phrase I overheard a great deal during the afternoon. Lyndsey and Phil were surprised, thrilled and enthralled – they didn’t know I had organised this treat.. Once again Matt, my thanks for entertaining our guests so well, very much appreciated.”
David Bishop